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Φωτογραφίες Βάπτισης

Baptism photos, the first important moment of the family!

Birth is the marvel of life and the completion of a family. Such a special event that spreads joy and happiness. The beginning of the baby's life is sealed from his first important moment, which is no other than his baptism. His first public appearance among loving faces full of emotion with the ceremony and the completion of the mystery. The baptism photo is not a simple matter. It requires experience, professionalism, imagination and artistic ingenuity. The baptism photographer is required to capture every moment with the particularity that suits it. We have everything we need to achieve an ideal result. We will create for you the conditions that will allow you to enjoy stress free this day. We offer you a careful result from the first to the last detail. Snapshots of baby's preparation, mystery ceremony, loved faces, all moments full of emotion through the photographic lens, always with the special aesthetics that characterizes us! Unforgettable moments that will remain forever unchanged in time.

Φωτογράφος Βάπτισης

Every cupture of the baptism is a work of art.

The sophisticated style and distinct identity of our photos are two key features that distinguish our work and give us for a long time a special place in the preference of our clients. Our passion for photography and inspiration is a driving force for us to deliver with quality and care the beautiful moments of your baby's baptism. The baptism ceremony is a very special and demanding occasion and the photographer must be able to handle it responsibly and artistically. Parents, relatives, friends and especially the little actors will give special meaning to baptism pictures not through set poses but with spontaneous expressions and of course the experienced guidance of professional photographer. The invitations, the bonbonniere, the mystery, the smiles and the emotion of all must be attributed with taste and care as the last detail. Our goal in baptism photography is a timeless piece of work that will bring to your memory the special day of baptism and at the same time it is a work of art that will meet your requirements.


The baptism photographer is the guarantee of the result.

You will find that there is no better way of understanding it than seeing our work. As you navigate through the albums of our website with baptism pictures, you will be able to get a taste of how we approach the piece of photography as well as the video of a baptism and the importance we give to detail aiming at a perfect and stylish effect. If you want to create unique moments like the above, you can contact us. We will invite you to arrange the details, listen to your suggestions and give you an offer that will guarantee a result of equal quality and inspiration to what you see on our website. We are always next to the couples with willingness, love for photography and above all professionalism to capture their unique moments in the way they dream and which of course will be an everlasting, wonderful memory.
It is common for us to work with couples who we have shooted at their wedding. The photographic result that we have offered them is the guarantee that they will have the same high quality result in the photos of the baptism ceremony. At the same time, what they write about us is the greatest reward for our work and our most vibrant advertising! Thank you very much!

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