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The professional photographer must have passion and dedication.

My name is Dimitris Dakogiannis, I am a photographer and I am involved in professional wedding photography, baptism photography and fashion photography. In every environment I like to handle and control the quality and direction of light, creating images of high aesthetics, filtered through your personal taste and tailored to your requirements.

As a wedding photographer and baptism, I always make sure to direct some moments when location and time allow it to give a unique result corresponding to such a special day for you. Professional photography is particularly demanding and requires professional insight, imagination, passion and dedication.

In my view, a professional wedding photographer and a baptist photographer must be able to produce a very high quality result at the same time as his creative work. The quality and direction of illumination, the shadows created and the attitude of the body in relation to the light give an artistic texture to a photograph. All of this with the right handling and high aesthetics can be displayed in the hands of an experienced photographer and captured in a unique way as a snapshot for a lifetime. Only when the inspiration and the artistic approach are combined, the particular style required in the photos is achieved.

A wedding, however, or a baptism photographer, must be ready to capture, create artistic photographs. I follow the moment, the couple's eyes when faced with each other, emotion, embarrassment, a kiss, a tight grip on the hand, the baby's smile, the reactions of loved ones. All the moments that are hidden or apparently overflowing with emotion, the expressions of the persons must be captured in photography through the photographer's experienced look and artistic approach.

Every wedding or baptismal photograph is unique, with its peculiarities, with different couples, distinct people. Result; Clearly different, tailored to each couple's requirements, but always with the high quality that my job has been guaranteeing for years.

The fashion photography I'm working with is a special piece of professional photography. It has a lot of common but at the same time quite different from wedding photos. There are many points and elements that differentiate these two. Fashion photography requires extra knowledge, specialized equipment, imagination and creativity. There will not be such a big part of the moment as proper posing, lighting, accessories and the right choice of people. The instructions given by the photographer play a decisive role and the persons become his "materials" that will show fashion photography as a unique artistic creation.

The experience that I combine through my occupation with all sectors guarantees a unique result in my work as a wedding photographer and also as a baptism and fashion photographer giving the significance that is needed in every circumstance. I always apply my entire range of technical knowledge, regardless of the type of photography, and achieve results that meet your unique requirements. Featuring the experience and aesthetics required in any kind of unique photography, I can assure an elegant and distinct set of moments that you will want to keep forever in your photos.

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