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Παραμύθι Παραμυθένιος γάμος Παραμυθένιες φωτογραφίες

Fairytale, Photographs like tales.

Imagine a fairy-tale wedding… It is certain that many couples would like such a wedding, an atmosphere drawn from magic, the ethereal colors and the romance that spring through fairy tales. You may not be able to bring this wonderful atmosphere to your wedding, but we can create fairytale photos for you . So every time you open up your photo album it will be like holding a fairy tale which will be yours! All the sophisticated beauty and finesse of prince and princess, fairy, enchanted forest or whatever you can imagine, we can create them for you to fill your romantic souls with joy. Besides, for us photography is a real art and art expresses above all the feeling. This of course requires the talent of the artist who can see it and capture it.

The shooting of this special day for you is always done by us with professionalism, excellent know-how and the unique artistic way that distinguishes us. Apart from this, we also give you the extraordinary potential of a unique retouching that will give a magical effect to a set of fairy-tale photos . In the specialized technique and design that have distinguished the quality of our work for years, we add this special retouching of the photos ( fairytale ) that fills them with fictional notes and giving them a touch of a living tale. Through the personal look and artistic approach from us, the photos through the fairytale acquire a special style and a sense of mystery that makes them true works of art. The correct guidance of the photographer in setting up the faces, as well as the experience of capturing the special moments, will also constitute components of successful photography. The result is totally atmospheric and the fairytale element dominates through particular shades, reflections and careful details. The dreamy wedding that you dream will take shape and life through the effect of your photography.

This additional feature in the processing and shooting styles we provide requires not only a special artistic approach but also a special equipment and deep knowledge of the art of photography. Inspired by professionals from abroad, we have achieved this unique style and the atmosphere that suits this kind of photography, and we present it with pride! The fairytale wedding is the dream we make reality. Capturing the moment we add magic by turning the background into an ethereal atmosphere and the faces in fairy-tale characters. All of this can be ascertained by yourself and it is enough to browse the material of our work.

So come to make your dream come true and plan with us your unique day that will be a magnificent memory of a lifetime! Our inspiration is the imagination but also and every individual couple, that will give each time the uniqueness of the result and will make your photo album unique and special . Your magical wedding, printed on pictures in careful detail, will tell forever to everyone that ... "they lived happily ever after…!!!”


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