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Φωτογράφος γάμου

Wedding Photographer, an Inspirational Artist

Wedding is undoubtedly a very special day of a couple. Moments of emotion, joy and excitement. Wonderful feelings that spill over both the couple's faces and their loved ones. Beautiful memories that can be held for a lifetime. The wedding photography is the best way to capture the uniqueness one of those moments. An experienced and creative wedding photographer can offer you a high quality and aesthetic result. Photos of wedding of unparalleled beauty through the look that only an artist could capture.

Φωτογραφία γάμου

The know-how meets the imagination.

Our work is based on the excellent know-how, the detail, the years of experience and the passion for our job. The way we create the result is the competitive advantage that makes us stand out. Artistic approach and imagination are the ingredients that give the result of our work a uniqueness that suits the diversity of each couple. We have the high technology equipment that is required to ensure this result. All this is shown in the comments of all the couples who have trusted us to capture their most beautiful moments of their lives so far. With many couples, we continued our work at the next most important event of their family lives, the baptism of their baby!

Φωτογραφίες γάμου

Wedding photos, capturing memories.

Knowing that you have devoted time to organize the wedding from the choice of church, wedding dress, costume, every detail to the selection of the right place for the reception of the guests, the wedding photographer will have a very important role from the first to the last detail of all the procedure. He will create for you the atmosphere that fits you in any setting and choose. From the preparation of the couple, the ceremony, the reception, the joy and the emotion will be there to capture or even create the moment. So the couple can only be left and enjoy this beautiful day, which has planned for a long time…
Our greatest satisfaction is the craving and emotion of the couple when they will hold on their hands a gift of life. The wedding photo album is not a simple photo album. It is the means to remind, over the time, to you and your loved ones over and over again all the wonderful feelings of this unique day.

Your wedding ceremony and the reception through a wedding video.

We know you will want even after years to see again the moments of this special day and remember all those people who have brought you to it. For this reason, beyond wedding photography we also offer you the video. The wedding video will include all the moments from the couple's preparation, the mystery and also from your wedding reception. At our disposal, we have excellent collaborators specializing in imaging and having the know-how, the equipment and the artistic look to give you a unique result. Especially in the field of artistic filmmaking, we cooperate with award winning professionals who are distinguished for the special look and the unique style of their work. In any case, the couple is able to choose from a range of suggestions for best imaging, always having the confidence that the result will be tailored to its individual requirements.

Παραμυθένιος γάμος

Creating atmosphere in wedding photography at every single moment!

In an artistic photo shooting, we guide and ask the couple to participate with soul and body actively in it. The photographer asks them to put all their emotion in every photo and not just to pose. The lens must capture moments full of emotion, unique, very intense as they really are. The couple must feel it, live it and enjoy it! Posing and lighting always take place under the guidance and the experienced look of the wedding photographer . Always using his knowledge and his imagination, he knows how to "lock" an idyllic snapshot into a photo. Love, and passion have the first role for you, on that day.

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